Superbrands has launched programmes in over 80 countries including all the key global markets.


Superbrands began life in 1994 as a radio show on BBC Radio London. This broadcast aimed to give ordinary consumers an insight into the significant brands, which touched upon their lives.


After the success of the show the Superbrands organization was founded in 1995. Its mandate focused on promoting the discipline of branding and identifying and paying tribute to exceptional brands. At the time it was not imagined that within only a few years the organization could have achieved such phenomenal success – or be the global authority that it is today.


The first Superbrands reference book published in the UK contained brands ranging from international icons such as American Express and Coca-Cola to UK favorites like British Airways and Cadbury. The trend of mixing international and local brands highly rated by the relevant national selection process continues today. Sixteen percent of the brands from that first publication qualified and were featured in the 10th anniversary edition of Superbrands UK published in 2005. Thirty-eight percent of those brands continue to be members internationally.


Two further UK editions, each increasing in size and stature, were completed in 1996 and 1997. This paved the way for the first international Superbrands programme to be launched in Australia. Its publisher was Stephen P. Smith who created the Superbrands concept and founded the international organization.


In 2000, a sustained period of international growth ensued with Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Spain and the USA beginning programmes. More recently, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Japan and South Africa have joined the international network. Exceptional growth has occurred in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Today, Superbrands is the world’s leading brand recognition platform and is established in more than 86 countries around the world.

Superbrands Greece


Since 2005 we have commissioned independent research to identify the Greece’s strongest corporate brands. Our annual league tables are based on the opinions of marketing experts, business professionals and thousands of Greek consumers.


Superbrands Greece is part of the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding that identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognizing, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world.


The global organization has launched programmes in over 80 countries including all the key global markets.


Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors.



The Superbrands Council

The Superbrands Council comprises luminaries from the marketing and communication industries plus notable figures from local and international companies, institutions and media organizations. The Council classifies a list of approximately 1500 companies, local or international, which operate in Greece, according to the following criteria:

  • Brand awareness & brand stength
  • Reliablility and consistency
  • Quality, price, safety of company’s products/services
  • Corporate responsibility in regards to labor relations, community and environment


Consumer poll

A shortlist of approximately 600 companies is given to the Superbrands Council as well as to a broad consumer base in order to be classified. The opinion poll is run by an independent company.



The results of the voting by both the Council and the consumers are being weighted, resulting thus the final list of 7 Superbrands by category. A total of 273 companies are being qualified as Superbrands.



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